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What makes us different?

Having a great camera doesn’t make you a great photographer. Our Photographers don’t hide behind busy backgrounds or fancy props. We just don’t have to! The “Little’s” look is very simple clean and timeless. Great expressions never go out of style.

We know that great pictures are not created by expensive cameras, or sophisticated lighting. It’s what happens in front of the camera that’s important. The ability to create a fun yet controlled environment for children; eases the anxiety parents have in front of the camera; and being able to anticipate a moment that may only last less than a second.  That is what makes a Professional Photographer.

At Little’s you will see hundreds of astounding photographs on display with all types of families.  We have thousands of original portraits on display around the country. Simply by viewing the galleries, you will know that every family CAN and SHOULD have pictures that show who you really are. We will make certain that you have plenty to choose from.

How do we do it?

Forget everything you have ever experienced or know about portrait studios. You no longer have to settle for a waiting room, an uncomfortable pose, of five stiff pictures to choose from. With Little’s, your photo shoot will consist of a one hour carefully choreographed shoot with our ever popular team of photographers. They will take 100’s of pictures of your family. No more fake smiles! In fact you’ll be having such a great time you might forget that the camera is even there. This is truly where the magic happens. It is all in the photo shoot.  Over the past 15 years and 1000’s of photo shoots later we have seen every scenario you could possibly think of. Rest assured to know that we are highly trained to deal with ever type of family dynamic and many families that have special needs have found that we are the place to come and we welcome any challenge.

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