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Bathing suit? Check. Swim goggles? Check. Enough excitement to jazz a stadium and last a lifetime? Check! With salty waves and a warm, sandy shore waiting to greet you, there’s nothing like the anticipation of a trip to the New Smyrna Beach area. Before you jet off to Florida’s palm tree paradise, there are few things you won’t want to leave behind. We’ve created a beach packing list of our 7 essentials that most people forget to bring… and later regret! Set yourself up for the best vacation experience and come prepared with the below necessities.

1. Insulated Water Bottle or Tumbler – An icy drink on the beach is high on our must-have list! The Florida sun leaves no beverage untouched unless it’s safe and cold in an insulated bottle or tumbler. We recommend pairing this fancy drinkware with whiskey stones for a complete anti-melt solution. While New Smyrna Beach doesn’t allow alcohol on the shore, you can still sip a boozy beverage to an ocean view when you stay in a direct oceanfront rental.

2. Portable Phone Charger & Waterproof Accessories – From blasting music to snapping photos to skimming eBooks, what would we do without technology at the beach? Skip the battery balancing act, and come equipped with a portable charger that will keep the good times rolling at full charge. While we can’t image a life without salt water and sand, your phone would rather live in ignorance! Keep your gadgets safe from the elements with waterproof accessories; we’ve listed our top tech recommendations in our Ultimate Beach Lover’s Gift Guide.

3. A Reusable Shopping/Tote Bag – Never underestimate the necessity of a tote bag! While it may seem like a mundane basic, you’ll find it a versatile companion on your vacation. Load it up with sunscreen, use it as a snack carrier, fill it with the kids’ beach cover-ups, or bring it along on a Flagler Avenue shopping spree. Select vacation condos and homes do provide beach carts, but even so, you’ll still find your reusable bag by your side and filled with goodies you can’t leave behind.

4. Shoes that Aren’t Flip Flops – You might think you’ll be spending every second with your toes in the sand, but trust us, you won’t want to miss out on all the fun events, shopping, and more that the New Smyrna Beach area has to offer. Bring a pair of good walking shoes for monthly events like Wine Walk and for shopping the streets of Flagler Ave and Canal. If bike trails, beach runs, and dog parks appeal to you, throw in a pair of running shoes as well!

5. A Light Sweater or Jacket – Long sleeves in Florida?! Despite our 80 degree temperature average and year-round tank top attire, you’ll find yourself wanting a light pull-over in the evenings as the ocean creates a nighttime breeze. Even in the heat of summer, you’ll find a sweatshirt essential for when you go from the blazing sunshine to the cool A.C. of your vacation rental property. It’s perhaps the most unconventional beach item on this list, but one you won’t want to be without!

6. A Dressy Outfit – No shoes, no shirt, no problem may be the beach’s mantra, however NSB’s dining scene does require proper attire. Pack a nice outfit for nights when you want to explore New Smyrna’s upscale, outdoor restaurants and drink your way around its lively local bars.

7. Your Beach Rental Check-In Documents – Whether you print them out, save them from your email, or view them on our app, these documents are your lifesaver! This welcome info provides you everything from your condo/home’s address to parking information to gate codes and more. You’ll want to have these documents handy as they also detail useful instructions and helpful information about the New Smyrna Beach area.

Bonus Tip: Not Everything Has to Come! TSA is probably not going to love the surfboard you tried strapping to a suitcase. Save yourself from crazy fees and rent from New Smyrna’s local company, Sandy Andy’s Rentals. While our condo and home owners are excellent in providing beach amenities such as towels, outdoor chairs, and more, you’ll find that any additional necessities like cribs, strollers, bikes, etc. can be easily rented nearby.

With these 7 beach essentials tucked neatly away in your suitcase, you’ll be completely set to relax along NSB’s shore with everything you need on hand. There is just one more thing you’ll need to secure before you leave… your beach vacation rental! Browse our 250+ selection of condos and homes in the New Smyrna Beach area; we offer a wide selection that ranges from pet-friendly properties to luxury vacation houses. Need help deciding where to stay? Call us at 386-478-7863 and a professional vacation planner will assist you in finding the perfect NSB rental.