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In the age of hashtags, retweets, and social media likes, there’s no such thing as a vacation without photo documentation! While you may be heading to New Smyrna Beach to escape the cares of everyday life, it’s not entirely relaxing unless you’re snapping pics to show everyone the paradise around you. Take your social media game to the next level with these 9 picture-worthy spots in the New Smyrna Beach area. From colorful murals to scenic nature backdrops, all of our curated photo spots will give you pictures to hang in your home and Facebook posts your friends will consider #TravelGoals.

1. The Breaker’s Pink Wall

Not only is Breaker’s notorious for its oceanfront view and mouth-watering burgers, but it’s also beloved for its bright pink walls that make a statement from a mile away. While the pink hues already create a playful backdrop, the side of the building displays a simple dolphin mural and “The Breakers” painted above it. Grab the girls and do a quick shoot in front of this peppy backdrop in your new swimwear and sundresses. Don’t worry you won’t get funny looks, it’s practically an NSB requirement to stop for a photo here.

2. Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

There’s nothing more coastal and classic than a lighthouse photo. The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse is the subject of many photographers’ work as it regally resides over the water and looks beautiful no matter the angle. Climb all 203 steps and poise your camera at the top for a sweeping, panoramic shot of the inlet, ocean, and our charming small town below. If you’d rather take a family photo, we suggest a visit to Smyrna Dunes Park as the golden sea oats, sparkling inlet water, and famous red lighthouse will grace your picture’s background. The best part about this location is that Fido can join the family pic! Smyrna Dunes Park welcomes furry friends so bring your pup along for the shoot.

3. Flagler Avenue Sign

This sign is so locally iconic, it’s practically a landmark! Flaunt your beachside location with a photo under the colorful Flagler sign. We recommend posing to where the street is in front of you and the expanse of sky and ocean are featured in the background. Don’t want cars and strangers accidentally making a debut? Set your alarm for 6AM and visit Flagler Avenue at sunrise for clear streets and golden pink skies over the water.

4. NSB Mural on Canal Street

If you only feature trendy, eye-catching places in your social media feed, the NSB Mural on Canal Street is one that will make your aesthetic cut. Murals are growing increasingly popular as communities are using cable boxes and blank walls as canvases to display home-town art. This 3D display pays homage to the wildlife and history of New Smyrna, as it portrays sea turtles, sharks, dolphins, surfers, and even the Ponce Inlet lighthouse in the distance. You’ll find this gem on the side of the The Hub building facing Magnolia Street. Whether you pose in front or simply snap an artsy pic, this cultural display is one you’ll be excited to share online.

5. NSB Lifeguard Tower

Nothing says “All-American Summer” like the stars-and-stripes waving from a Malibu-style lifeguard tower. This pale yellow structure exudes a beachy nostalgia that only a small coastal town can give. Whether you grab a surfboard as a prop or simply pose with retro sunglasses, this lifeguard tower adds the vintage vibe your photos have been missing. Add the right filter and you’ll look like you’ve stepped out of the Beach Boys era!

6. Norwood’s Treehouse Bar

If sipping martinis in a treehouse isn’t on your bucket list, it is now! Norwood’s is a staple in New Smyrna Beach for its amazing seafood and unique curbside appeal (the entire second story is a treehouse bar!). With a drink in one hand and a camera in another, you’ll find yourself happily entertained all night. Need a picture idea? Hold out your wine glass, make the trees and string lights your background, caption it #VacationGoals, and watch your exotic treehouse pic go viral amongst your friends.

7. JB’s Fish Camp

Colorful kayaks, Florida’s green landscape, and swimming manatees certainly make for a frame-worthy photo. JB’s Fish Camp is a famous NSB restaurant located across from the beach and along the Indian River. In addition to its southern-style seafood and full bar, this hotspot is surrounded by some of Mother Nature’s finest work. Visit at sunset to capture the beautiful orange and yellow glow reflecting on the river water. If you love being in front of the lens, rent a kayak at JB’s and paddle near the manatees for a picture that captures your adventurous spirit.

8. Your Vacation Rental

Who says you have to leave to get a Facebook-worthy shot? Our vacation condos and homes each offer their own unique style worthy of the camera’s spotlight. Keep your photos casual with a simple shot of your morning coffee held in front of your rental’s oceanfront view. If you’re staying in a home, use the private backyard as a photoshoot spot for group pictures; most of our houses either have resort-like pools, an oceanfront backdrop, or both! Browse our selection of direct oceanfront, ocean view, luxury, pet-friendly, and home rentals that will completely transform the aesthetic of your photos.

9. Anywhere on the Beach

Alas, the very best spot of them all! From videos of crashing waves to family Christmas photos to modeling shots in your new swimsuit, the beach opens up endless, creative possibilities for you and your camera. We recommend heading to the non-driving section of NSB to minimalize unwanted photobombs from cars and crowds. Most automatically think that sunrise is the beach’s most photogenic hour and therefore is the best time to start snapping pics. This is absolutely true if you plan on taking nature-only photos, but it’s actually one of the worst times for portrait photography. If you and yours want dreamy photos together on the shore, wait until a little before sunset as the sun will then be facing you and the ocean behind.

With this insider’s guide to photo-worthy spots, you can now fill your Facebook feed and gallery wall with the best shots of New Smyrna Beach. Get your camera ready and book your NSB vacation rental today! From coastal condos to luxury homes, you’ll find our vast selection of beach rentals online here. Need assistance choosing the perfect place? Give us a call at 386.478.7863 and a professional vacation planner will help you find the vacation stay of your dreams.