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Verdicts out! According to the recent Farmers’ Almanac, the winter of 2020 is predicted to freeze the nose and bite the toes of two-thirds of the United States and North America. Starting in early January, Northerners, especially those in the northeast, can expect to face a long, brutal winter that intrudes even into the calendar’s spring months. Does that mean nearly four months of icy rain, sleet, and frozen snow? Perhaps everywhere else in the country, but not here in temperate and sunny New Smyrna Beach!

While the rest of the world huddles in parkas, winter in New Smyrna Beach only requires a light jacket and perhaps even a little SPF! If the almanac’s ominous prediction isn’t enough to send you packing, discover below why New Smyrna Beach is the best winter destination for traveling snowbirds.

A History of Bright, Mild Winters

Imagine walking outside to be greeted by a cloudless, blue sky and a breezy high of 68 degrees… in January! The Florida East Coast is notorious for its gentle winters full of sunshine making this typically dreaded season a true delight.  January’s average temperatures range from a low of 49 degrees to a high of 68 degrees, February boasts of highs of 71 and lows of 51, and the months after grow wonderfully warmer. With climate averages like this, it’s no wonder that retirees and snowbirds can’t resist this invitation away from artic temps! In the dead of winter, you’ll find New Smyrna Beach alive with beach-walkers, sun-bathers, and shoppers all taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors. You’ll want to utilize the heated pools, tennis courts, shuffleboard games, and more that most of our vacation rentals provide. Find which condo or home provides your favorite outdoor amenities here.

Perks of Staying Oceanside during the Winter Season

When the white shores are cool and the beach is empty, seasoned snowbirds know that there’s no better way to enjoy this coastal winter than with a view of the blustery ocean.  Winter in New Smyrna Beach displays a unique beauty that summer can’t provide; the skies are bright and clear, the waters are cold and wild, and the sand is gloriously white. With direct beach access and clear views, snowbirds swear that oceanfront condos are the way to go. Don your light layers and slip your hand in a loved one’s for long walks on the quiet beach. When you’re not enjoying the brisk weather, cozy up in the warmth of your ocean view vacation rental and enjoy the picturesque scene. Make this your reality and explore our oceanfront condos and homes to decide where you’ll spend your winter getaway.

NSB Winter Activities and Events

While summer offers a sizzling sun and rideable waves, Florida’s mild winter temperatures unlock a fresh assortment of beach activities and events. Rent a pair of beach cruisers and get your exercise in by coasting down the east Florida shores- discover here where to rent bikes in New Smyrna! Winter vacationers love to take advantage of the quiet beach to hunt for nature’s secret treasures in the sand; from seashells to sand glass, there’s something to be found for everyone’s collection. You’ll find Flagler Avenue peppered with retirees strolling and shopping with hot coffee in hand and later enjoying the gorgeous weather on the decks of NSB’s outdoor restaurants.  New Smyrna Beach also hosts a fun variety of events in the winter months such as Images A Festival of The Arts where you can marvel at hundreds of fine art exhibits and Climb to the Moon at Ponce Inlet where you can nearly touch the full moon from top of the lighthouse. Wondering what NSB events will be going on during your stay? Find out here!

It’s not too late! Save yourself from the incoming artic fury by escaping to retirees’ favorite Florida beach. Click here to book the perfect snowbird vacation rental at New Smyrna Beach, rates have been reduced for January!