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When you picture a family beach vacation do you envision Kodak moments of children sweetly building sandcastles, romping through salty waters, and hunting seashells on pristine shores? These scenes make for beautiful pictures and daydreams… now if only kids could get on board with these idyllic moments! Traveling with your family can be a gamut of emotions; it’s loud, fun, exasperating, bonding, crazy, and overall wonderfully memorable. However, there’s no need to give up the hope of relaxation, as you can achieve both family time AND rest with some simple forethought and planning. A little preparation will save you a lot of sanity! We’ve created the ultimate parent (and grandparent) survival kit for families traveling to New Smyrna Beach with little ones. Follow it to a T for smooth sailing and (cross your fingers) fewer tantrum outbursts.

Finding the Perfect New Smyrna Beach Vacation Rental

There’s no reason you should be wracked with nail-biting anxiety during that special beach vacation you long planned for. Give yourself peace of mind by booking a direct oceanfront stay on the non-driving section of New Smyrna Beach. You’ll find that complexes farthest from Flagler Avenue and the driving section are more kid-friendly in the fact that the shores are not as crowded and there’s no traffic danger. You’ll also save yourself the hassle of frequent check-up trips when you stay in a direct oceanfront property or a condo looking onto the pool. These vacation rentals are parents’ top picks as they offer expansive views via sliding glass doors and windows that allow you to easily monitor children old enough to play without direct supervision.

While there’s nothing kids love more than fistfuls of sand, you’ll find that the fun amenities complexes offer will rival for their attention. The under seven crowd will flip for the the mini putting greens complexes like Golden Arms and Sandpiper provide, while older kids will love challenging each other to tennis and shuffleboard matches that are usually offered onsite. And of course, there’s the amenity that appeals to all ages alike-swimming pools! Luckily almost every complex offers these salt-water alternatives, and even some go the extra mile to provide hot tubs and kiddie pools. Curious to see what best suits your family? Explore our expansive beach complex page here.

No need for watch-dog vigilance, the perfect beach vacation rental and complex will allow you to exhale and catch up on much-needed leisure reading as your kids play safely nearby. Discover all of our NSB condos and homes to find your family’s perfect beach haven.

Traveling Preparations

Now that you’ve found your New Smyrna Beach “home away from home”, it’s time to pull the suitcases out of storage and begin your travel preparations.  While “over-packing” and “kids” are practically synonymous, you’ll save yourself some frazzled moments by not trying to squeeze the children’s closets into their luggage. Select beach condos and homes provide in-unit washers and dryers, and those that have on-site washing machines can be used at a low price. Trust us, a couple loads of laundry verses a mountain of sandy clothes is a sanity-saver in the end!

If you plan on traveling with infants and toddlers, there’s no need to pay exorbitant bag checking fees for strollers, car seats, pack-n-plays, and more. New Smyrna Beach’s local rental company, Sandy Andy’s, provides all your baby necessities at reasonable daily and weekly rental rates, plus they’ll deliver it right to your beach vacation rental’s door.

Don’t forget to check the amenities and description sections to see if your NSB getaway provides the beach toys your kids keep begging for. Should they not offer them, you can easily have these items delivered by Sandy Andy’s or purchase them inexpensively at Publix, the local grocery store off of A1A or the Dollar General on the island.

Enjoying the Beach with Children

Hooray, it’s vacation time! While the warm shores and sparking waters make your kids dizzy with antsy delight, you’ll want to take these tips into account before venturing out. Skip the battle against toddler stubbornness and opt for sun protective swimwear verses the dreaded sunscreen. Not only will it speed up the beach-prep process, but you’ll be able to maintain your vacation Zen (and really, that’s all any parent is asking for). When possible, try to schedule your beach time for the early mornings and evenings, since the shore is drastically clearer and everyone’s skin will be spared from the strongest UV rays (10am – 4pm). Don’t be fooled, the Florida sun can be deceiving… Most don’t realize they’ve been badly burned until several hours after the fact, so keep those sweet kiddos and their impeccable skin tucked away under umbrellas and hats.

This next tip is a lifesaver that will keep the hangry wrath at bay… Always, always bring snacks! It’s the secret weapon that keeps kids (and parents!) in angelic moods. Just keep in mind that sand plays a big factor and that your little one seemingly has no issue adding it to their diet. Avoid the extra crunch by bringing mess-free snacks such as squeezable pouches of applesauce or yogurt, as well as cut fruits and veggies that can easily be rinsed off with water. Full bellies, sandy toes, and no mess? That’s what we call a beach success! With both you and your little ones in peaceful mindsets, you’ll be able to soak up the quality time and fun you came searching for in NSB.

Kid-Friendly Eats

While we’re sure grilled salmon and garlicky scallops fit into your idea of heavenly dining, it’d probably see nothing more than the upturned nose of your kids. Luckily, New Smyrna Beach offers an enormous selection of local restaurants that cater to both picky appetites and adventurous palates.

After a day spent playing hard on the beach, there’s nothing like the All-American classic of burgers and fries to satisfy everyone’s rumbly tummies. Score extra points with the kiddos when you head to NSB’s famous Breakers restaurant, beloved for its mouthwatering burgers and direct ocean views. Not only is the atmosphere laid back and family-friendly, but it also offers the adult perk of an amazing indoor bar with all the piña coladas and daiquiris your heart desires.

Another family favorite is the Yellow Dog Eats Kitchen and Bar famous for its whimsical charm and delish BBQ. The less adventurous of your group will love their grilled cheeses, quesadillas, and other kid-friendly options listed on the “For The Pups” menu. Nervous of an indoor sit-down dinner with a loud child? That’s no problem! New Smyrna Beach offers plenty of dining options with outdoor seating, check them out here.

With our top New Smyrna Beach vacation tips in your parenting tool belt, you’re now fully equipped with wisdom and life hacks to survive and LOVE your next family beach vacation. In all its messy, untamed glory, there’s truly nothing like sharing your favorite place on earth with those little eyes filled with wonder. Claim your parent of the year award and reserve the perfect beach vacation rental (and a lifetime worth of memories!) today.