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There are few things more magical than watching an ocean sunrise as it dissipates the night with its golden hues. As New Smyrna Beach is a Florida east coast town, its shore is privy to a breathtaking view every morning. Even those who are not early risers make an exception to see NSB’s sunrise! Discover below what time to set your alarm, where to see the New Smyrna Beach sunrise, and the best ways to enjoy it.

What Time is Sunrise in NSB?


New Smyrna Beach’s ocean sunrises make their debut early! In the summer, sunrise is between 6:20AM – 7AM depending on the month. In the winter, sunrise is between 7AM – 7:30AM which works out better for those that struggle with an early wake up call. It is always best to check the exact time the night before as it can vary a few minutes; see NSB’s sunrise schedule.

NSB provides the best of both worlds as you can also enjoy a waterfront sunset (without traveling to the gulf coast!). As New Smyrna Beach is a barrier island, you can watch the sunset over the serene Halifax river. For the best viewing, we recommend renting kayaks at JB’s Fish Camp and launching from there to watch the Florida sunset on the horizon.

Where to See the Sunrise


While you can watch NSB’s sunrise from almost any spot on the sand, there are a few places that make for the best viewing experience. From the comfort of your own getaway to the national seashore, find the best spots to see New Smyrna’s morning show.

Oceanfront Vacation Rental

Is there anything more luxurious than having the ocean as your backyard? When you book a direct oceanfront vacation rental, you get exclusive 24/7 views of the Atlantic. Most of our condos and homes have oceanfront views not only from the balcony, but also from the living room, kitchen, and even bedrooms!

We recommend staying in an oceanfront condo on a higher floor for the best sunrise view. You won’t have to walk but a few feet to the balcony to watch the sky turn pink. Those that cannot bear the idea of getting up so early can easily watch the sunrise from the coziness of bed. Most of our oceanfront condos have primary bedrooms that look directly onto the water!

Lighthouse Pointe Park

Have your camera ready because Lighthouse Pointe Park is the best sunrise photo spot. Located in Ponce Inlet, Lighthouse Pointe Park wraps around both the ocean and the inlet. Walk the park’s boardwalk as it leads you right into the ocean atop the jetties. With the waves before and around you, the boardwalk provides a panoramic view of the ocean sunrise. Once the sun is overhead, you can continue your morning with a refreshing swim and sunbathing (all before 10AM!).

Canaveral National Seashore

Start your day bright and early at one of the U.S. National Seashores. The Canaveral National Seashore is the longest stretch of undeveloped coastline on the east coast as it spans 24 miles. There are no cars or buildings in sight… it is nothing but nature!

Steal away for a true morning of peace on the Atlantic’s quietest shore. The park opens at 6AM so you will have just enough time to bring your chair and blanket down to the sand. Listen to the waves, feel the cool sand under your feet, and welcome the day with the sun.

Fun Ways to Enjoy the Sunrise


Nature’s morning show is worthwhile on its own, but you can make it even more of an idyllic experience by adding in a few activities. Whether you welcome the day with a sweaty run on the beach or a picturesque picnic on the sand, discover our favorite ways to enjoy the NSB sunrise.

Breakfast Picnic

Move over brunch, sunrise breakfast is making a comeback. If you plan on waking up at the crack of dawn, you may as well bring a picnic breakfast. Lay out a colorful blanket and unpack a spread of fresh fruit, pastries, bacon, coffee, and whatever else you’re craving. We recommend bringing a citronella candle to keep the No-See-Ums at bay and for cozy ambiance.

Chat and graze from your spread as the sun rises above the Atlantic’s waves. As you sit under a sky of vibrant orange and pinks, you’ll never want to have breakfast at your table again!

Run on the Beach

If you start your day with a good sweat, you won’t miss the gym as NSB provides stunning scenery for your workout. Lace up and head out for a 6AM run on the sand. Leave your music behind and run to the rhythm of the lapping waves. A 3-mile run will give you the full sunrise experience from darkness to bright morning light.

We suggest running Smyrna Dunes’ boardwalk which is 1.6 miles long (3 miles total!). It will take you through the palm-studded estuary and lead you right to the water. The park also welcomes dogs so you’re welcome to bring a furry running companion.

Coffee and a Book

The classic way to enjoy an ocean sunrise is with a cup of joe! Shuffle out to your vacation rental’s oceanfront balcony with a hot coffee and enjoy the gorgeous view. If you want to elevate your morning routine further, bring a book and start the day reading by the early light.

If you’re not staying in an oceanfront condo or home, you can still enjoy the NSB sunrise from the sundeck. Oceanfront complexes often provide a sundeck with lounge chairs where guests can lay out with the water in full view.

Don’t vacation in New Smyrna Beach without seeing the ocean sunrise! Whether you take it in from Lighthouse Pointe Park or the balcony of your NSB vacation rental, the sunrise is stunning from every viewpoint. Plan your next New Smyrna Beach vacation with Great Ocean Condos and Homes. We have over 300 unique vacation rentals with fantastic amenities and locations. Call us at 386.280.4537!