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There’s no denying that mistletoe, a blanket of snow, and an evening by the fire are the highlights of winter; however, it takes but a week of arctic temps and a sunless sky to realize that the reality of it isn’t as charming as you thought. Instead of spending months bundled indoors, escape to the place where winter requires nothing more than a jacket: New Smyrna Beach. Florida beaches are an idyllic retreat and a destination often forgotten about by the winter traveler. Instead of resigning to months of sleet and ice, pack your bags and experience the five perks of a winter getaway in New Smyrna Beach.

No Snow!

Florida’s one claim to fame is that it never sees snow. In New Smyrna Beach, a white winter is defined by the powdery white sand beneath one’s feet. Though too chilly for swimwear, an NSB winter is a beautiful time to be outdoors as the temperature rarely drops beneath fifty degrees. Many locals find themselves outside the most in the winter as the sun is bright, the water reflects the blue sky, and the weather requires only light layers. To best enjoy the spring-like winter, plan your stay in an oceanfront New Smyrna beach vacation rental. You’ll love looking out the window to see crashing blue waves instead of a driveway in need of shoveling!

Quiet and Less Crowded

New Smyrna Beach looks much different in the winter compared to its bustling, umbrella-lined shore in July. NSB becomes a quiet haven enjoyed mostly by locals and retired couples. The peaceful calm draws out wildlife and leaves the sand speckled with shells and prime for beachcombing. Along with unique birds that have flown south for winter, manatees also frequent the area as they call the intercoastal waters home November – April. Those vacationing in a NSB condominium complex will find the pool and on-site amenities not as busy during this season. New Smyrna’s many complexes provide tennis courts, hot tubs, shuffleboard and more that you can peacefully enjoy this winter. Discover which NSB complex is best for your vacation here.

No Winter Blues

It’s not hard to keep your spirits up when you’re by the ocean in a beach chair! The winter blues don’t exist in New Smyrna Beach as the days are filled with sunshine and a salty breeze. Science has proven that sunlight increases the brain’s release of serotonin which boosts overall mood. Likewise, studies have shown that the ocean lowers stress levels and the beach improves mental well-being. Unlike the long, dark days up north, New Smyrna Beach offers travelers a vibrant change of scenery where vacationers can spend the winter months feeling positive and relaxed.

You’ll Feel Like a Local

Visiting at a time that’s not peak tourist season gives you a glimpse into what everyday life is like in New Smyrna Beach. Wintering in NSB allows guests to not cram activities within a short span, but instead explore the area at relaxed pace without the crowds. Those vacationing for a month or two will quickly become familiar with local haunts such as Canal Street and Smyrna Dunes Park. Even the famous Flagler Avenue slows down in the winter making it easy to get a table at your favorite restaurant. To truly feel at home in NSB, we recommend bringing your pup and vacationing as a family in one of our pet-friendly properties.

Easier to Stay Healthy and Active

When sleet and frosty wind await outdoors, it’s nearly impossible to venture from your cozy spot on the couch. Instead of settling into a sedentary winter routine, spend the season in a place that encourages you to be active. New Smyrna Beach is naturally conducive for exercise. Beach bike rides, long walks on the shore, kayaking on the Indian river, oceanfront yoga, local 5k races, and more are all fun options that will keep you active. Additionally, NSB has plenty of healthy dining options from acai bowls to a local health food market. Discover NSB fitness classes and healthy restaurants here!

Why survive a long, harsh winter when you can spend months thriving in temperate New Smyrna Beach? Make NSB your home this season when you book a stay in one of our 300+ vacation rentals. Each condo and beach house offers a unique, home-like experience that a hotel or resort simply can’t provide. Book your vacation online, or call us at 386.478.7863 to reserve your getaway.