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While October is traditionally a quiet season at the beach, bike-lovers know it’s when the fun revs up! Daytona Beach’s Biketoberfest is the East Coast’s hallmark event in the fall. Whether you ride a chopper or a simple street bike, all are welcome at this autumn festival. As you prepare for a long weekend of leather jackets and exhaust, use our four tips to make your Biketoberfest trip the most seamless one yet.

Beat the Crowd

Biketoberfest has an attendance of 100,000 – 125,000 bikers every year with everyone driving to the event. Trust us, you won’t want to be stuck in that traffic rush! Avoid gridlock by arriving the Saturday prior. This allows you a couple days to relax, enjoy the beach, and rest up for a busy weekend.

Our Daytona Shores vacation rentals provide a peaceful sanctuary in comparison to the packed hotels in Daytona Beach. Daytona Sea Fern 404 and Daytona Sanibel 601 give guests an ocean view escape only 15 minutes from the Biketoberfest festivities. If you’re traveling with a group of friends, we recommend booking a private home in the nearby Port Orange. Both Sunrise Oaks and Charm on Cherry Grove accommodate a group of 8 and are a quick 20-minute drive from Daytona Beach.

Book a Vacation Rental with Covered Parking

If you’re going to debut your motorcycle at an event full of bike enthusiasts, you certainly can’t roll up without it being glittering clean. Protect your bike from autumn pollen, overhead seagulls, and more by parking it in a covered space. Vacation rentals in Colony Beach Club and Golden Arms provide guests with covered or garage parking. If you want a garage exclusive to your hog, The Tiki Townhouse and Ocean’s Edge provide ample space for multiple bikes. These New Smyrna Beach vacation rentals are half an hour away from Biketoberfest and offer out-of-town visitors a laid-back beach experience in comparison to the bustling Daytona Beach.

Pick Your Rides in Advance

Don your helmet and rev your engine for the most scenic cruises along the Florida East Coast. With October’s sunny, warm weather and the sea breeze on your face, there’s nothing more invigorating than going for a spin on the beach. Biketoberfest has 7 top rides to participate in; you can drive down Mainstreet or journey further to St. Augustine and back. While the rides are a main attraction, you’ll quickly find yourself torn between that and the fun activities in downtown. We recommend picking 3-4 rides in advance and saving the remainder of your time for bike shows, street vendors, & bar crawls with friends.

Download the Biketoberfest App

Save yourself from frequently searching the web for event schedules, things to do, and where to eat, and download the Biketoberfest app instead. The app keeps attendees in the loop with up-to-date information on races, rides, shows, and more. Download it prior to the event so you can plan your itinerary in advance!

From the Atlantic water to a sea of Harleys, what’s not to love about Daytona Beach Biketoberfest? Start planning your trip by booking a Daytona or New Smyrna Beach vacation rental. We have over 300 vacation condos and homes that are all less than a 30-minute drive from the event. Not sure which suits your group best? Call us at 386.478.7863 and a professional vacation planner will assist you.