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The spring season brings cheer and positivity out and about under the warmer weather and glow of the spring sun. It’s another new and thrilling spring season in New Smyrna Beach, as locals and visitors shed their winter coat and pop out of hibernation.

Below are three events worth your time on a vacation getaway to the sunny east coast of Florida.

ShamRock N Roll Music Fest – (March 16th -18th)

St. Patrick’s Day can’t be missed in the city. Flagler Ave once again hosts one of the most spectacular music and food-oriented festivals for the year. The ShamRock N Roll Music Fest opens Flagler Ave up to the music and the dancing for three whole days.

Restaurants will offer discount beers for the event. A number of activities are set up along the way and prizes are awarded for the best dancing, the biggest burp, and other silly contests to keep the energy up. Of course, live music will light up the weekend, most of it focused on distinct Irish influences, from Irish punk rock to some good-old classic Irish folk tunes.

There’s also a Pot O’Gold Treasure Hunt from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Guests will find everything they need from the treasure hunt in order to earn a currently secret prize. Participants may have to order a specific special something at the bar or find an iconic emblem atop a pole.

Music erupts from Flagler Ave March 16th to March 18th. Flagler Ave is expected to be closed from car traffic for the event. Spot out specific parking lot areas at the beach point and along side roads at Peninsula Ave and N Atlantic Ave.

New Smyrna Beach Food Festival – (April 19th)

The next New Smyrna Beach Food Festival is ten years in the making. This upcoming iteration of the food festival will be its biggest yet. It is estimated that 10,000 people will head to New Smyrna Beach to stroll up and down Flagler Ave for the day for what can only be called a massive food tour. Many local restaurants are offering sample-sized portions of their best meals as guests dig into the local dining.

The event is organized by the Flagler Avenue Hospitality Group. Flagler Ave, the main strip for the New Smyrna Beach attractions, will be closed off for the event. This allows you to wander freely in and out of the restaurants, on the street, and along many of the street-side vendors, tents, live music stages, and games set up for the whole family.

It’s really a tour-de-force festival, and one of the city’s absolute finest. The event is April 19th from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Dish prices range from $3 to $5 per dish. There is no entry fee. The event is built around the Best on the Beach contest, where participants vote for the best meal from the day.

Cinco De Mayo Tacos and Tequila Fest – (May 5th)

You are on the cusp of summer for this brilliant May 5th event in downtown New Smyrna Beach. From 5 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., Flagler Ave (once again) explodes with perhaps the two most defining traits of any Cinco De Mayo event: tacos and tequila.

Drink and dine at this 10th annual New Smyrna Beach event. It’s another concoction of activities and music, this time centered on classic mariachi-influenced music, tequila tasting, and distinct Mexican heritage. Flagler Ave will feature musical acts, taste booths for tequila, and vendors crafting authentic tacos.

There’s no admission price to the event, but food and drinks are available for purchase. The tequila tasting comes in three flights. These are Blanco, Reposado, Anejo for $12, $18, and $24 respectively.

You can participate in any of the above exciting events while staying at our New Smyrna Beach rentals. Stay close to the beach and Flagler Ave to squeeze the most out of your spring season trip to the city. Contact us at (386)-478-7863 for more.