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New Smyrna Beach is a wonderful place to vacation if you’re looking to catch a glimpse of some awesome marine life. One of the greatest joys here is seeing dolphins in their natural habitat. Dolphin tours are one of the top New Smyrna beach activities for a family vacation and are sure to be a fun way to spend your time.

On an average afternoon, you might spot playful dolphins in the beautiful waters of New Smyrna Beach, but the best way to get a look at these amazing animals is on a professional dolphin tour.

In the mornings, dolphins can be found feeding in the waters of New Smyrna Beach, but you really will be able to see them at just about any time of the day as long as you know where to look. That’s why booking a tour is a great option for your visit—and there are several great companies you can choose from to find the best location.

Turtle Mound River Tours takes you on a beautiful two-hour public or private tour to see the dolphins in the Indian River Lagoon Estuary. You’ll see majestic dolphins jumping out of the pristine waters while your guide educates the group about the local history and ecology.

Sometimes the dolphins will even follow and jump alongside the boat during your tour! This is a great trip for families to experience all the area has to offer. Not only are you guaranteed to see lots of dolphins; you’re also likely to see manatees, other wildlife, and beautiful scenery.

The Dolphin Discovery Tour will also give you an awesome look at the dolphins surrounding New Smyrna Beach. This cruise will also take you along the Indian River Lagoon on a comfortable pontoon boat.

A certified Florida naturalist gives the two-hour journey and you’ll see plenty of dolphins and other marine life. Not only will you spot the beautiful creatures of the New Smyrna Beach waters, you’ll also get a hands-on experience to learn about the ecosystem and the conservation efforts to keep it beautiful forever.

You can also choose the Discovery Center’s Dolphin Lighthouse Boat tour, which will give you a view of the dolphins, plus the gorgeous sunsets of New Smyrna Beach. If you want something a little more up close and personal, you can opt for the kayak tours that are offered; one of the top New Smyrna Beach things to do. These tours also explore the Indian River Lagoon and you will get to be right next to the dolphins when you see them!

The Discovery Center also helps maintain the Mosquito Lagoon Aquatic Preserve, which is home to a pod of about 400 bottlenose dolphins. That’s where you’re likely to see the dolphins feeding and playing on most of these tours.

Bottlenose dolphins are regularly spotted in the coastal waters and many consider them the most beloved marine life in Florida. The highly intelligent animals can be seen all over the place.

From following seabirds to swimming alongside fishing boats creating a beautiful and entertaining scene to watch. However, it is against federal law to feed, touch, swim, or harass wild dolphins. This is another reason taking a dolphin tour is a great way to respectfully spot these beautiful creatures.

Taking one of the dolphin tours is definitely one of the top New Smyrna beach activities you should consider during your family vacation here. There’s nothing quite like seeing the amazing creatures jump out of the sparkling waters.

The cruises will be sure to bring you to the best spots and make sure you are viewing the dolphins in a way that is safe for you and for the animals themselves. Seeing the pods of dolphins play is something you are sure never to forget, and will make your vacation a memorable one!