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Myth: Beach vacations break the bank. Fact: Beach vacations can work within any budget! Vacation rentals aren’t the Waldorf (they’re better!) as they provide guests the privacy of an entire place to themselves in a dream destination. While any trip does require planning and saving, you certainly don’t have to be a Rockefeller to enjoy a blissful week with your toes in the sand. We’re letting you in on our budget-savvy secrets that will give you a beach vacation at the most affordable price. Discover our tips below!

Skip Third-Party Booking Sites

Booking direct is the KEY to saving the big bucks. While VRBO and Airbnb have worldwide acclaim, they upcharge guests 8-18% more than if guests booked directly with us. Just an 8% fee can tack on hundreds of dollars to your reservation. Skip unnecessary fees and pocket the cash for things you actually want to spend on, like ice cream at NSB’s local shops or a sit-down dinner at our fine, outdoor restaurants. Visit our website or call us at 386.478.7863 for the best beach vacation prices.

Off-Beach Rentals are Typically Less Expensive

While the ocean may not be in your rental’s backyard, you’ll find that staying a short walk away gives you an equally amazing beach experience at a lower cost. View plays a factor in a property’s rental rate, so we recommend booking a place that shares the same great location but isn’t direct oceanfront. Keep in mind that an updated interior and the number of guests affects rental rate as well. Traveling with a smaller group and choosing a less updated property will help you stay within budget.

Leave Your Fur-Baby at Home

While Fido is always welcome to stay in our pet-friendly properties, leaving him in the care of friends back home will cut on your vacation costs. Because extra cleaning measures are required after pet stays, we do charge $150-$200 for each furry friend you bring. Arrange a doggy-sleepover at a friend’s or find a kennel you trust so that you can save, relax, and return even happier to your awaiting pup.

Longer Stay = Lower Nightly Rate

It’s true! Our nightly rates are based on a 7-night stay, which makes shorter reservations more expensive and longer ones cost-friendly. During certain times of the year, staying two weeks could reduce your nightly rate by 10%. We’re all for saving money especially when it allows us extra days leisure-reading on the beach!

Ask About Our Current Promos

From seasonal promotions to last minute deals, our team is dedicated to giving guests the best discount on their New Smyrna Beach vacation. Check our Current Specials page for running promotions and our Last Minute Deals page for condos and homes with lowered rates and reductions. If you’ve stayed with us before, make sure to mention our $50 discount we offer to all return guests. Stay in the know about current savings when you sign up for our emails and follow us on social media!

With these money-saving secrets in your tool belt, there’s now opportunity within your budget for a summer vacation in New Smyrna Beach. Start searching for your vacation rental by browsing our selection of over 250 properties online. Book on our website or call 386.478.7863 for a professional vacation planner to assist you in planning your stay.