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There has never been a time like the present where cleaning and sanitation procedures are essential to everyone’s peace of mind. Here at Great Ocean Condos and Homes, we have further elevated our high cleaning standards by adding additional measures that follow both CDC and VRMA’s cleaning guidelines. Your health and safety are paramount to us. From CDC-approved cleaning products to mandatory mask and glove use, our company has implemented every recommended procedure for your safety. We hope the below information provides you the reassurance needed during these times.

Your Safe Space

Before every arrival, our properties are rigorously cleaned, sanitized, and double-checked to ensure guest safety. Our cleaners are required to wear both masks and gloves before entering any condo or home. According to CDC guidelines, surfaces are first cleaned with soap and hot water to reduce the number of germs, dirt, and impurities. Once completed, all surfaces are thoroughly sanitized with CDC approved products that eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and other germs. We require our cleaners to pay special attention to high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, phones, remotes, faucets, etc. Whether you’re flipping on the lights or turning off the sink, you can be reassured that every area, no matter how small or large, has been sanitized prior to your arrival.

Deep Cleans & Chemical Sanitation Fogging

Our condos and homes regularly undergo deep cleans where every inch of the property is scrubbed, cleaned, and sanitized. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we began a deep clean initiative and have performed this service for countless properties. This process entails cleaning light fixtures, cabinet interiors, blinds, vents, rugs, and so much more. Additionally, many owners have taken extra precaution by getting a chemical fogging treatment for their rental. Chemical fogging is a highly effective sanitization procedure that uses aerosol to disinfect airborne germs and any hard-to-reach places.

Extra Measures to Ensure a Safe Vacation

When you stay at the beach, your only worry should be in deciding whether to spend the day playing in the waves or napping on the sand. Vacation is a special time to relax… that’s why we’re taking extra measures to ease your mind so you can unwind. Contactless check-in is one of our features that set us apart from places such as hotels and resorts. Instead of being exposed to a bustling reception desk, our vacation rentals shield you from the crowd by providing keys in the property’s outdoor lockbox. While you’re stretched out on the shore, you won’t have to worry about anyone entering your private getaway to make beds, fluff pillows, and unnecessarily touch your things. Vacation rentals eliminate the risk of housekeeping coming and going and keep your area safe. Discover more about how vacation rentals are the solution to safe travel.

Here at Great Ocean Condos and Homes we’re providing superior cleaning measures to ensure that you enjoy a safe vacation with total peace of mind. Our elevated, CDC-approved standards are not a temporary measure, but something we are committed to moving forward. Plan your private stay at the beach by browsing our selection of direct oceanfront, ocean view, pet-friendly, luxury, and home rentals in the New Smyrna Beach area. If you need help booking your stay, our office is open 7-days a week and our professional vacation planners would love to help your vacation. Call us at 386.478.7863.