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Looking for an alternative to a cruise vacation? How about reconsidering the tight quarters of that resort you’ve been looking at? Recent government travel advisories regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are suggesting avoidance of traveling in tight quarters such as airplanes and specifically avoiding highly populated accommodations like cruise ships. This may leave travelers scratching their heads at the thought of planning a vacation this year. There is some good news and information worth considering so that your traditions of spending quality time with family and friends are not interrupted and you can still enjoy a vacation together in a more private setting.

Not Flying to Vacation

One of the benefits of New Smyrna Beach is it’s central location along the Florida East Coast. This makes our beaches within driving distance for thousands of families. Many cruise ports are in major metropolitan areas and the hotels/resorts not far from that. This means not only additional exposure to elements in the ports and cities but a significant chance you’ll require air travel to get to the port.

Driving to your vacation destination minimizes exposure to others (compared to airline or bus travel) and allows you to be in complete control of your environment. Whether it’s flu season or you’re just trying to avoid crowds, driving is an ideal way to manage travel to your benefit. Don’t have a reliable vehicle or means to drive to your vacation? Renting vehicles has become increasingly popular for vacationers or those traveling long distance who wish to avoid the wear and tear on their own property.

Vacation Rentals as Alternatives to Cruise Ships, Hotels, and Resorts

One of the benefits of a vacation rental as opposed to a cruise ship cabin or hotel room is space. Great Ocean Condos and Homes maintains a diverse inventory of over 260 vacation rentals ranging from one-bedroom condominiums to larger homes capable of accommodating multiple families. You’ll have the entire rental to yourself. This means you won’t share lobbies, kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, or any common areas with strangers during your stay. For those interested in minimizing exposure to unknown elements/illnesses/ailments of others, this is an enormous benefit. Many of our rentals are oceanfront or situated in other desirable areas that allow you to be as close as possible to the beach or waterfront.

New Smyrna Beach is also an ideal destination for families looking to recreate without large crowds. Cruise ships and resorts, by their nature, have large concentrations of people in tight quarters. Instead of crowding a small area to enjoy a pool, imagine enjoying the benefits of an entirely private pool at your own vacation home? Our vacation rentals have an enormous variety of amenities that you’ve come to love on vacation. Wi-Fi internet, freshly washed linens and beds made before your arrival, keyless entry, hot tubs, pool tables, game rooms, elevators, and much more. Each and every home in our inventory is unique… browse our high-quality photographs to find out just what makes each rental special!

Pet Friendly

Have a four-legged friend you want to bring on vacation? You’ll have an extremely hard time finding a cruise, hotel, or resort that allows pets in a truly enjoyable (and fair) surroundings. Great Ocean Condos and Homes has over 70 condos and homes for rent that allow pets. This means you can bring your entire family on vacation and enjoy the privacy of your “home away from home” together. No pet sitters, just more quality time together.


For some people, the sense of community and sharing amenities is a serious consideration when booking a cruise or resort stay. Many of our vacation rental homes are parts of tightly knit communities that share luxurious amenities and amazing benefits. From community pools and tennis courts to private docks and beach accesses, these New Smyrna Beach rentals offer plenty of fun and relaxation to enjoy at your own pace. You can partake in as little or as many shared activities as you’d like.

Cleanliness and Sanitation

Cleaning is something we take very seriously at Great Ocean Condos and Homes. We carefully select cleaning products and processes to exceed industry standards, and we are pleased to say that our main disinfectant is peroxide-based and recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency for effectiveness. Our cleaning staff must go through a rigorous training process and be recertified each year, and for additional thoroughness, we actually employ inspectors to follow behind and ensure our standards for cleanliness are being delivered time and time again. Our homes are all subject to a quality standards checklist, an annual evaluation, and an annual deep clean. Home air filters are changed on a regular basis. Linens and towels are cleaned at an off-site facility to preserve the in-home laundry machines and are replaced as needed to maintain a consistent quality experience. With Great Ocean Condos and Homes, your beds will be made before arrival so all you have to do is relax once you arrive on vacation.


Are you a fan of the flexibility of hotels, resorts, and cruises? We have some great news. Vacation rentals with Great Ocean Condos and Homes are just as accommodating to short stays, long weekends, week-long stays, or those looking for longer stays on our beautiful beaches. Families looking for a long weekend getaway enjoy the spring and fall seasons in New Smyrna Beach. Ripe with activities and annual events, the “off-season” as it is called, offers guests an exceptional value compared to peak summer rates and with numerous activities and annual events held only these times of year. Traditional summer stays are typically a week in duration with Saturday check-ins.

Book Now to Beat the Rush

In light of news about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we anticipate the demand for private vacation homes within driving distance to be in higher than usual demand. Great Ocean Condos and Homes has a team of local vacation specialists who can be reached at 386.478.7863, or you can browse and book homes online at any time by visiting our search page. All of our vacations feature your enjoyment of private accommodations for your entire trip, free Wi-Fi internet access, bed linens made before your arrival, and our commitment to your satisfaction. Use the quick links below to jump right to browsing rentals or explore our blog for more travel inspiration. We look forward to seeing you at the beach!

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