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Mon Delice is a staple of New Smyrna Beach, serving a taste of France to lovers of the sun since 1976. Owned and operated by French natives, their flair for the most authentic parts of Southern France is part of the charm. This bakery is currently open for breakfast and lunch, serving some of the best French delights among all New Smyrna Beach restaurants.

Authentic French ingredients are chosen by owner, Serge Sorese, and served in menu items such as crusty bread deli sandwiches, eclairs, puff pastries, breakfast pastries, and numerous tarts.

Easy to reach, this restaurant is in the heart of New Smyrna, on East Third Avenue. Simply take the South Causeway toward South Atlantic Avenue and find the sign on the right! Pull in to the plentiful parking to grab a quick bite on the way to or from any one of the island’s many attractions.

This venue not only offers a line of pastries, it also has a tempting lineup of French cheeses, pâté, and cornichons. From picandine pico, to camembert, to saint Andre and more, these soft to hard cheese varieties are a cheese lover’s dream.

Ask which will pair with Mon Delice’s wine offering, Domaine de la Sangliere, to complete your relaxing French experience. This wine is available in red, white, and rose, and is part of Mon Delice’s exhilarating wine club. Don’t forget to take home the pâté or cornichons to complete your romantic beach picnic or evening seaside snack.

While you’re grabbing treats for the beach, make sure to pick up a loaf of one of nine different breads, prepared on site. Authentic French recipes come from Southern France to create these masterpieces, and all the sandwiches are created on crusty French bread. Take a full loaf of French bread, baguette, boule, bâtard, brioche, croissant, eight grain, whole wheat, or hard rolls back to your beach house or hotel.

Parties are a breeze with made-to-order cakes and treats, whether you’re a resident or a vacation visitor. Choose from a variety of specialties to be the center piece of whatever you’re celebrating on New Smyrna Beach. Everything from birthday parties, to weddings, to special beach parties are accommodated through this made-to-order treat service.

Visit this Florida gem after the major lunch rush, around 1 PM, or after a trip to the beach, around 4 PM. Grab a breakfast pastry as early as 8 AM before exploring the island, or enjoy a late rise with a delicious gourmet cookie around 11 AM.

No matter what time you find yourself heading over, the whole family will enjoy stopping here to browse the full grab-and-go menu. Plan to take your order out, as there are limited seating options here. However, with no reservations needed, it’s easy to just pop in for New Smyrna’s best chocolate-covered brownies, frosted cookies, and the intricacies of an authentic French patisserie.

Plus, it’s easy to visit while staying at your New Smyrna vacation rental!