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It’s the word emblazoned in your mind first thing in the morning. Coffee. While a vacation spent relaxing on the beach hardly requires a caffeine jolt, there’s nothing as soothing as beginning the day with a warm cup of Joe. Our NSB vacation condos and homes are all equipped with either Keurig, drip, or even Nespresso coffee makers, plus an ocean view to enjoy your beverage to! However, coffee has evolved from simply being a drink; it is now a craft that demands a full-on experience. From cold brew as smooth as butter to lattes towering with whipped cream and caramel, there’s no place like New Smyrna and Daytona Beach coffee shops to enjoy your favorite beverages. Discover below the best sips the NSB area has to offer!

Third Wave Café

Trendy? Check. Casual? Check. Serves a cappuccino you’ll never forget? Check! Third Wave Café is beloved in the New Smyrna Beach community for its hip, laid-back atmosphere. Unlike most coffee shops, this local spot welcomes flip-flop attire and receives many customers in need of refreshment after the beach. The café is composed of two sections; one being an outdoor brunch spot and the other an indoor coffee bar. No matter how you love the bean brewed, you’ll find the menu full of your favorites. If coffee isn’t your forte, the menu also has alternatives such as teas and kombucha. Once you’re seated and sipping, you’ll find the atmosphere conducive for reading or catching up with a friend. Those seated on the outdoor deck look onto the leisurely stream of cars and people along Flagler Avenue. Plan your visit by visiting this NSB coffee shop’s website and menu!

Island Roasters Coffee Company

The best part about supporting New Smyrna’s coffee shops and restaurants is that you directly impact the locals who own these! Island Roasters Coffee Company is a family run business that has served the community organic coffee for the past 6 years. Aside from supporting this family’s passion, you’ll discover a newfound love for quality coffee. While they are primarily a local bean roaster, their storefront can work magic with the coffee they roast and brew. If you take your cup of Joe black, we recommend getting the Kona dark roast on drip. Those who love milk and sugar will opt for the iced mocha with extra whipped cream. While they craft your beverage, you’ll experience the roasting process first-hand as their machines are visible to the public. Check out Island Roasters’ Facebook page here!

Cool Bean’s and More

Aside from being a catchphrase you used in middle school, Cool Bean’s and More is a fun coffee stop to add to your list. This Flagler Ave shop has a casual approach to coffee as they focus less on making it a detailed craft and more on serving up a good cup. You’ll quickly recognize the taste from your visit to Island Roaster Coffee as Cool Bean’s proudly brews their neighbor’s roasted blends. An Americano isn’t the only thing you’ll walk out with, especially when there’s Italian ice on the menu! Finish off your boost of caffeine with a refreshing piña colada or pink raspberry Italian ice. As the café is less than a five minute walk to the NSB beach entrance, you’ll find yourself swinging by here before heading to the shore.

Copperline Coffee + Café

If you’ve booked a vacation in one of our Daytona Beach or Port Orange rentals, we have a coffee shop for you to frequent! Copperline Coffee + Café has earned itself clout amongst local connoisseurs for more than just its espresso. With a rustic, industrial theme throughout, this is the kind of place that instantly boosts your reputation amongst hipsters. Avoid the caffeine jitters by pairing your beverage with one of the specialty breakfasts or baked goods. Its café makes sticking to a diet impossible as it serves everything from Banana Bread waffles to Cinnamon Cream Cheesecake. Before you leave, make sure to pick up their branded enamel mug and a bag of locally roasted beans! Discover more about this Daytona Beach/Port Orange coffee shop.

Sweet Marlay’s Coffee

Take your coffee tasting tour a bit north to Daytona Beach’s Sweet Marlay’s Coffee. This laid-back coffee house is less than a 30 minute drive from Flagler Avenue and highly worth the quick car trip. Aside from classic staples, its menu boasts of a unique variety to choose from: Crème Brulee Lattes, Dirty Chais, CBD Teas, Frozen Hot Chocolate, and even Boba Tea. Half the joy of coffee is that it pairs perfectly with baked goods! Indulge in either a fruit turnover, cookie, muffin, or slice of cheesecake that are all made fresh daily. With a brimming mug and tasty treat in hand, you’ll be set to enjoy a peaceful morning in either their back garden or patio section. View the full menu online and plan a visit to this Daytona Beach Coffee Shop on your next trip.

After five specialty lattes, three sweet pastries, and one cappuccino for the road, you’ll be fully caffeinated and buzzing to spend the rest of your day on New Smyrna Beach’s shore. Though New Smyrna and Daytona Beach coffee shops can pull out the works, there’s nothing like the simplicity of enjoying a warm cuppa in your private NSB vacation rental. From direct oceanfront getaways to private, luxury retreats, our condos and homes provide the best beach accommodations. Browse our vacation rentals online or call us at 386.478.7863!